MULTIFUNCTIONAL SYSTEMATIC CADASTER SYSTEM – MSCS is an inventory of land object. It provides a comprehensive inventory of local, regional, state, and national land objects such as parcels, properties, natural resources, environmental and legal aspects. The cadaster usually is up-to-date in which land information is systematically identified. Our cadaster solution shows all the alphanumeric numeric and geographical conditions of lands.

MSCS is an extremely complex and difficult tool to implement but vital for the development of a region or a nation. Most countries or regions do not have the know-how and the human resources to set up an efficient and straightforward entity responsible for the land right in a nation. ARM-APPRIZE can in a very short time to set-up a turnkey organism that will stay in place to manage all the land and property issues of a government.

We understand significant financial effort of the most nation to implement this development tool; thus ARM-APPRIZE guarantees a return of the investment throw a national and regional fiscal scheme a short period after the implementation of the MSCS


A defined land ownership by law. It creates boundaries and identifies existing ones. The clients that establish this service can prevent boundary disputes or community opposition and increase political and social stability, increase the level o economic development.


With climate change, affecting the planet and every aspect of our environment, the importance and relevance of environmental surveyors is very real.

The inventory of present environmental situation can provide important decision-making for our clients, to make better choices about your water, energy, and waste management practices.


Hydrographic surveying maps and measures the ocean, rivers, creeks – any kind of waterway. This helps provide important navigation, storm water & hydraulic information for landowners, governing agencies, developers and investors.

The installation of tide gauges for measuring the change in sea level relative to a vertical datum. Sensors continuously record the height of the water level with respect to a height reference surface close to the geoid.


Our expertise in locating, identifying, measure and mapping the land use and existing forest and agricultural use of land, provides invaluable information of the present situation of land and forest. This has a large impact on safety and fire control and agricultural economic planning for government and private business.


The implementation of MSCS is seen through the logical conclusion of:

  • the finalization of registration of undisputed rights;
  • the identification of disputed right;
  • the identification of innovative register pathways;
  • the organizational and systematization of the management framework, and
  • the required architecture for registering these transactions also needs to be put in place.

Our MSCS develop an overall land administration strategy by:

  • Increasing the Institutional capacity, but one which the government is determined to face with aid of private service provider;
  • Improving the equipping of the state with the tools that are needed to provide sustainable services;
  • Finally, throw a private service provider the responsible institutions will have to develop systems and procedures for these services, the provision of efficient cadaster services in the modern age, enhanced through harnessing new techniques and technologies.

To accomplish all the MSCS solution or other Cadaster Surveys, ARM-APPRIZE offers the following services:

  1. Setup of an Active Permanent Geodetic Network;
  2. Development of a Cadaster Map for Land Registration; (Aerial Photography and Orthophotos of high spatial resolution),
  3. Development of Land and Property Database and Information Management System (ARMGeo_Central ARMGeo Mobile);
  4. Systematic Ownership Land Cadaster Survey;
  5. Migration of the database of existing Cadaster Information to the ARMGeo;
  6. Evaluation of Land and Property: Property Tax, Object Selling Value and other proposes;
  7. Team Coordination and Training,
  8. Dissemination of information (ARMGeo_Public),
  9. Other services, can also be included in the overall MSCS solution.

We implement an efficient Cadaster Survey Solution which includes specific services put together or implemented separately – on demand

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