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ARM-APPRIZE is a specialist in Fixed and Movable Assets assessment services. We offer two main services, evaluation of all kinds of assets including real state property or immovable assets and inventory of movable assets. Our company has web solutions for both two services that increase the efficiency of your company or public service. It enables businesses, organizations and the public sector to increase profitability and develop a financial strategy through its assets. Other Evaluation studies include:

Development project’s valuations • Sites valuations • Industrial machinery and equipment’s valuations • Companies valuations • Brands and Art Works • Evaluation of Assets Service

The evaluation process of ARM-Apprize, unlike that of other companies in the sector, is not static and goes beyond offering just a ‘photography’ of your assets at any given time. ARM-Apprize offers a continuous seamless service so that the initial effort to register (for example to the Land Survey and Registry) and inventory is not in vain. This creates a dynamic, continuously updated process, which works best as a tool for decision-making at any moment.

Mortgage security • Lending • Acquisition / Sale • Account and Tax Purposes (IAS/IFRS) • General Company / Administrative Asset Management and Control • Investment Decisions and Analyses • Eminent Domain Value • Insurance companies reserves • Portfolios Revaluation • Bad Credit Standing • Rental Reviews and Profitable Increase • Inheritance division • Business Plans • Company

We use ESMA – European Securities and Markets Authority that recognizes our certification CMVM – Portuguese Securities Market Commission official Regulation, which regulates property valuation for:

Investment Funds • Business Going Public

We offer various valuation Methods | Standards, adapted to each type of assets, such:

Comparative Principles • Profit Principle • Cost Principle


Apartments, single-family houses, townhouses, garages…


Offices, warehouses, retail parks, stores, gas stations, hospitals, practices, care-housing…


Hotels, theme parks, golf courses…


Urban and rustic site…


Whether your assets are fixed or movable they can be managed much more efficiently in a paper-free environment. Auditing fixed assets are extremely important to ensure that accounting for capital assets and depreciation complies with management’s objectives. ARM-APPRIZE Asset Inventory, Physical Auditing, and Management is a tool to:

Cost optimization • Public Assets Control and Transparency • General Asset management • Internal or External Auditing • Business Discipline and Control • ESOP Employee Stock Ownership Plan • Company Evaluation Merger or Acquisition • Public Listing • Compliance requirement • Best Practices • ISO 27001:2013 Asset handling and labeling policy • ISO 50001 Asset management • IAS International Accounting Reporting

Keeping track of assets can be a challenge to organizations, both large and small, private or public. Assets can move locations, get reassigned to other people, get replaced, etc. Management wants reports about asset allocation, usage and service history. Accounting needs accurate data for tracking inventory and calculating depreciation. Some of our deliveries are:

  • Stress-free internal inventories and audits;
  • Consultancy to define what’s best for your budget & circumstances;
  • Implantation of a practical system of tags, scanners, and software communicating in real time;
  • Tag & log asset details, creating an initial or up to date asset register, clean existing data;
  • Identification and individual reports of losses and write-off of property;
  • A replacement value for insurance and balance sheet purposes;
  • Supply hardware and generic or custom labels for your complete solution;
  • Import the existing data and set up each user’s access to the online program;
  • Train key staff in all aspects and supply a good practices manual
  • Identify the location and status of any item you own;
  • Establish maintenance records and responsibilities scheme;
  • Ensure you stay compliant with industry regulations;
  • Cost saving opportunity report

IT Web-based Solutions


ARM-APPRIZE offers tailored made Technological GIS solution for portfolio management. ARMGeo_Value is a Webase tool that can help a government have an over view of what assets they have with all of alphanumeric and geographical information, with a real time market value, tax value, rental value and Eminent Domain Value of fixed assets. Banks can also a web GIS base solution where credit has been approved, good payer’s information and outstanding credits. Asks us for other solutions adapted to your industry.


ARMTrack, webase Management software helps keep track of every asset you can manage, rather a movable property or mechanical. This includes making the data visible by site, category, or room, along with many other categories and options, and accessible 24/7 from anywhere.

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