ARM Plan

ARM-APPRIZE mission for the urban development process takes in consideration good territorial choices and natural resource consumptions that are feasible and proportionate with their long-term availability levels, which do not jeopardize future generations, thus existing a sustainable and efficient use and use of soil and resources.

ARMPlan services seek to intervene in urban development and contribute to sustainable solutions by developing a set of services aimed at the planning/safeguarding of the Urban Space for the sustainable development of the Rural Area in its various aspects.

Creating conditions so that it preserves its characteristics, but simultaneously has dynamism, namely economic. In our final solutions, we take into consideration top challenges for transformation differ to an extent in developing and developed countries.

Challenges Due to Urbanization

The environment, climate change, and economic development emerge as common challenges around the globe.

Urban Stakeholders and the Implications of Urbanization

Governments, businesses, citizens and civil society will need to work in synergy to address urban challenges.

The Future of Cities

To attract talent and investment, cities will need to be sustainable, citizen-centric, economically vibrant, accessible, resilient, well governed and responsive.

Integrated Planning

Achieve the balance between overplanning and under-planning.

We believe that sound environmental performance is increasingly fundamental and simultaneously adjusted to the capacity and efficient balance between economic and social factors, preventing and reducing the effects of risks on people and goods.

The application of the operational processes developed for sustainable urban planning actions contributes to a better-built urban environment, providing a better quality of life to the population in a balanced ecosystem.

ARM-APPRIZE creates solutions of land planning that meets the characteristics of:

  • The location of soils and their sustainability,
  • The best use of natural resources, to guarantee the present and future preservation,
  • The conservation and valorization of nature and human health,
  • The social inclusion,
  • The protection of biodiversity,
  • The balanced development of regions,
  • The mobility and transport,
  • The fair distribution of national wealth and other economic, social and cultural interests of the country.

Out of respect for appropriate consideration of public and private affairs, ARMPlan aims at a balance between planning and economic and social development policies, as well as sectoral policies that focus on the organization of the territory and the location of activities.

We guarantee a rigorous project preparation process: Team and leadership, Governance & project mgmt.

We develop bankable feasibility study, which includes the technical scope and commercial attractiveness.

We balance risk allocation and regulation, such as the Incentives, risk mitigation and Safeguards.

Our service is conducive enabling environment and takes in consideration the Public-sector, Private-sector and Civil-society readiness.

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