ARM-APPRIZE developed a set of applications for cadaster information collection and management, ARMGeo, which fully responds to all software needs of a MSCS or for other Cadastral Survey Solutions. Our GIS solution is a truly dedicated and flexible software for cadastral information management, which allows for new developments and can be centered on the needs of each country, region or project. ARMGeo is tailored made for each linguistic, legislative, cultural and other specific needs. It is development follows practical infield real situations permitting real-time improvement.

central component

The central component of the ARMGeo application is essentially the central geographic database and back office management of all modules. A Web browser that allows in safety the editing, management, and correction of cadaster information in the central office as well as editing and consultation in any field offices, via an intranet. It manages the field teams, or other modules – ARMGeo_Value, ARMGeo_Public; and newly created modules on demand.

The ARMGeo_Mobile is used in a Tablet. Module for Editing & design tab menus for cadastral geometry: Registration of cadaster polygons; snapping features to minimize topological errors; polygon geometry edition; Claim and valuation forms tab menus: Registration of claims containing all the relevant alphanumeric information related to the claimant and to the land parcel; registration of information for property valuation.


ARMGeo_Value manages all the necessary information for a property and land evaluation. Issues value reports and value maps. This component can be connected to a national or regional public entity responsible for collecting taxes.

ARMGeo_Public is a module used for dissemination of the information, to the property owners, companies and financial institutions. The information can be offered for free to populations, but it can also be an online shop of the government that chooses to sell documents and cadastral services. An excellent tool to guarantee the return on investment. It works in mobile –Tablets and Mobile Phones – and PC environments.


Other modules can be tailored to the needs of each client. The most popular eGovernment solutions are, property tax management, land registration acts, general tax integrated solution.


We guarantee the use of ARMGeo in the field by non-specialized Human Resources in less than 15 days. Unqualified personnel will learn to operate the software rapidly and efficiently, thus reducing cost on any cadastral survey project.


Any module developed for ARMGeo that will have value of money transitions can be developed in blockchain technology.


All activity in the software will be registered and can always be accessible for reporting. How much time each employee spends on administrative tasks that add little value to the relationship of your company with the project end.


Unequivocal identification of the owners of land through facial recognition or/and biometric solutions.


All alphanumeric and geometric information is registered and uploaded in a single database. The collected information is managed separately for the individual requirements of each independent module.


The designed of the ARMGeo will be changed and adapted to the field-reality as the project of cadastral surveying will advance.

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