Innovation is the existence of ARM-APPRIZE. Some of the ARMApp tools developed by the company increase the management strengthens of our clients in all types of assets managements – ARMTrackARM5º, and ARMGeo.


ARMTrak technology platforms are a set of control and real-time and integrated asset management products, which enable companies and institutions of all sizes to manage their fixed and mobile assets.

Products that collect location information and allow for remote control in real time, with automatic processing of information (telemetry).

The solutions include the use of LBS systems (location based services) and RTS (real time system) enabling the tracking and two-way communication with the fleet of mobile assets.

Fleet control – vehicles, motorcycles, trailers, trucks or other – ship or security forces tracking in the field, tracking of computers, mobile phones or other equip-ment and machinery and even the control of employees or teams on the ground.

These platforms allow for the gathering of information as diverse as the location and speed, inventory management, supply processes and unloading, loading and weight, among others. The information can be made available in video, audio or text and analyzed according to customer needs.

Innovative control systems that allow better management of resources of companies and institutions, better responsiveness to customers and enhanced productivity.

Fleet management allows, for example, to collect data such as travel times and stops, speed, chosen route and abuse (use out of hours or unplanned trips). All required information is integrated in a platform designed according to the specifications of each customer, which allow you to know the permanent status of your entire fleet at any time.

The ability and readiness of the security forces response can be monitored in real time, accurately managing all means on the ground, and ensuring better implementation and distribution.

Our platforms allow you to perform a rigorous control of movable property, its condition and its status at all times, something which is of crucial information in the response capacity of any institution or company.

For all of this ARM-Apprize developed specific technology integrated in the best platforms, which is easy to use and adaptable. The various product families available can be integrated with additional services according to customer needs.

Arm 5º

Arm 5º is a software platform designed to assist in the management and analysis of information.

It works on the intranet (internal network), is divided into “modules” and each of its modules has a different purpose and use. The platform has been designed thinking of the ease and effectiveness of its use. To access it is only necessary to use a computer with access to the internal network and a web browser.

It is based on the analysis of relationships between entities, working with varying degrees of separation to enable an accelerated research process and information collection, it permits gathering more information from more sources and in many formats and offers intuitive hypothesis management.

It helps highlight low-signal threats, profiling and pattern detection, allows predictive intelligence and facilitates collaboration across the network.

ARM 5 is useful for security forces, police or military, to combat fraud and risk analysis in the financial sector for business intelligence and social networking. Quickly and intuitively lets you perform all the analysis of relations between persons, or other entities in order to allow access to a reliable picture of all the links.

These are the main advantages of the platform:

  • Custom tailored
  • Link analysis
  • Case management
  • Document management
  • Open source technologies
  • Data integration
  • Information management
  • Compatible with legacy databases
  • Information analysis


To read about ARMGeo, please click here.

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